Friday, March 29, 2013

The "wake up call".

So, today I'm trying to sleep in, because I need to do more math work today then most days. My brother wakes up, and comes over to my bed, and shakes me, I roll over and go back to sleep again, but then this time, he pinchs my cheak, not hard, but just enough to wake me up, AGAIN. I roll over again, but hes work is not done yet, he forces my face into a smile, I havn't really noticed what he had done so far, but the next is a winner. Then, he comes over and opens my eye, forces my eye lid open. I wake up, and he says, "Hey Rich!" And I say, "Why did you have to wake me up?" he says, "You told me to, last night." But I had said nothing to that effect, I said last night, "Night Brennan." and he said "Night" and we went to sleep. I don't know how he got "Open up my eye lid just in case the pinching me, and making me smile doesn't work to wake me up." Then, I go back to sleep. (Wait wait wait! Theres more!) The dog knowing that I'm awake, wants me to play with her, so she wakes me up a few times. I tell her to go away, and let me sleep. Then, about the 10th time I wake up, I hear a screeming TV as Brennan watchs a show, but I notice that AFTER I see the dog face to face with me, I screem like never before.(Brennan or the dog don't get the idea of sleep.)  And after that I give up, knowing that nothing that I try to do will work. ( I posted this because I thought some of you would get a laugh out of it, not that I think its funny...)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

More weirdness!!

Just to make things, WAY BETTER, I made some more pictures, and Brennan decided to join in on some of them.

In the comments below, tell me which picture you like best!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The puppy dawg.

*Sniff, sniff* My little baby, *Pat pat pat*  my little puppy. OH, i'm on!?!?!? You guys have to tell me when i'm on! Welcome, to Rich's blog. Today, i'm going to post stuff about this dog, and when we first got her, and how crazy she is. Here are the pictures, (I cant put videos on here, because it takes a while AND its hard :P) Oh yea, this is me getting frustrated trying to get these pictures on here...

First time seeing her, and her first time seeing us.

First time sleeping next to someone :P

 First bone!
 Her best power, being cute.

 That was her at the first week of having her, this is after 3 months... (Also, as you see above, she never has just 1 ear up, 3 months later, a totally different thing...)

 She has got bigger, and before just now, that I had seen when we had first saw her, I saw how much she has gotten bigger. She has be trained, mostly. *In the back ground* What is this stuff that I just stepped in? AWW COME ON BLITZ! Heh, heh, heh, thats my dad, ANYWAY... As I said, she is mostly trained, she is cute, she toots when she gets peanut butter fudge, (Remind me to get a gas mask for that...) she is a awesome dog, besides the time when she destroyed my Transformer... But besides all of that, she is awesome, the best puppy dawg you could ever have. (#2 Scout)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The places we have been, the people we have met.

Hello, (Not this again...) and welcome, to Rich's blog. (I'm surprised anyone is still reading this blog...) Today, i'll be talking about the places, and the people that me and my family have met. As some of you know, my mom was a travel nurse, and, wommp wommp wooommp womp womp womp. Womp womp womp womp, WOMP!?!?!?!? Womp womp, and then, womp womp, womp, womp. Woooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmp womp, and, womp womp (Post in the comments if you get the joke :P) Ok! So thats the story on my mom and dad, (Heres the real story :My dads blog, find it somewhere on here.) So, the first place we went as a traveling family, was Hershey. There lays the Hershey kisses... Yummmmmmmmmmmm... And also, here lays INCH, the best home school group ever to be made, with the best people in it. There are around 20 kids in this group, who hardly ever ague, and we play, and do CTF!!!! (Capture the flag) Witch is my favorite. And 3 of those kids in that group, are Max, Kate, and Avery, Max and Kate are brothers and sisters, and Avery is part of the Waldron family. And these 3 kids, all somewhere around my age (11) are my best friends. We all do a lot together, and we all play Minecraft, and are all in INCH. So thats Hershey.

CT, don't make me say it again... This was one of the WORST places that we had ever been too, mostly because Mom was at work, ALL THE TIME! She was off all of 1-2 days per week. I think it mostly sucked for her, because she worked nights, and then worked days, so she hardly got any sleep, she got all of    6 hours of sleep, at the most. Our friends, the Foleys (Max/Kate) came and saw us at least 3 times, witch made our stay at CT bearable.

Springfeld MA, a nice place to stay, but not the best. Not as many things to do, but good food. There aren't really any home school groups here, just one, but they were not as good as INCH. (I don't think any home school gorup would beat INCH.) Again, nice place to live, not much to tell about this place though. 

That was just 3 of the places we went to, we went to about 5-6 places. And we lived at each of these for 3 months. (Hershey, 6 months.)

Monday, March 25, 2013

A web site?

Hello, and welcome, (I feel wrong doing this :P) to Rich's blog. (And no, I am not rich) Today, well, some days ago, I made a web site, non of you have to like it, its mainly for the INCH group  in "Hershey PA" its called "The Minecraft Group" And its not all about Minecraft... Its about a bunch of things, Yu-Gi-Oh, "Stuff", and Minecraft as you know it. I mainly did it, because I like making web sites and blogs and videos, I did this one as a starter web site. Ill try to make a better one of these later on, but for now, I GOT SOME MINECRAFT TO DO! *Ahem* Sorry, anyway, it will soon have stuff going on in INCH, in about 3 months. When I know when stuff is going on, because right now I live 6 hours away from INCH. (Beleave me, it sucks living that far away...) ANYWAY, feel free to check this out, nothin big, just trying out my skills at making web sites >:) MWAHAHAHAH!!!!(Heres the web site: The Minecraft Group (INCH) )  *Ahem* Man, I have to see a doc for that... So have fun on there! :D

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Like the title of this post says, A DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you have seen from my other posts, we have become BEST friends with the Foleys. And if you don't know,  you should read my dads blog, My dad's blog, click here! And we have to stay near Boston, because that "was" the best place for dad to get a heart, and our friends are 6 hours away from Boston, and we need at least to be 4 hours away from Boston. Now, in the past week, a HUGE turn of events have happened. First off, my dad doc said to get a hart for dad, he'll have to be in the hospital for 1 year, and we're 1 and a half hours to get to Boston, that means that we would be an hour and a half away from dad all the time, plus, he wouldn't be able to home school us. So, the doc recommended for us to move somewhere where the wait time wasn't as long, and we saw we're our friends live "Hershey PA" was the best place to go. My family, a year ago, thought we would never move to Hershey, because of my dads hart, we had a dream that we would move to   Hershey one day, but we thought that one day would be at least 5 years away from now. Now, one year later, we're looking at it, and its the best place to go. I read one of Sushi and Pizza's post, it said "We all had a dream that the Johnsons could move here, in Hershey, but that dream will have to wait." or something to that effect, Stacy, I say now, THAT DREAM WILL NOT WAIT ANY LONGER, THAN 3 MONTHS! At the most it will be 3 months until we move, no longer than that. Keep on dreaming, you never know when that dream, will come true. (Man, when did I get so cheesy?) Let me list some things that we do with the Foleys: Eat like crazy, We eat, and we eat, and we eat, then we go to Friendlys, and we eat, and we eat, and we eat, and we eat, Then after we're done eating, we play Yu-Gi-Oh! And we come home, and we make videos of "Kate's talk show" (Find that on Kate's blog) and we play adventurer games, Be Wizards, swords men, and scare the crap out of each other. While the Dads/Moms are down stairs laughing their guts out, while telling storys, and watching TV shows. Then we play Minecraft, Wizard101, and Onemorelevel. And we turn in at about, well, 3 in the morning to go asleep, that's right, we get home from Friendly's at about 10 at night, then run around and act crazy for 5 more hours, then the next day, we're up and running at 8, yup 5 hours of sleep, and we cant go out of the room that we all sleep in until 10 in the morning, AND WE WASTE NO TIME! We play on our DS's and play "Plants V.S Zombies", Yu-Gi-Oh, and play with stuffed animals. Yes Max and Kate have around 30 stuff animals, me and Brennan have around 50, But we only play with about 10 each. That is our day to day life, and we do this 3 days in a row, we find new games every day, The Moms/Dads find new TV shows, "ITS ALL JUST, WORK'IN OUT!" as we all say. Their are hundreds of things that We and the Foleys do, and I cant even remember them all, here are some pics of our greatest times.

 On the atack!
 Pure supermashbros on Wii, man.
 Imma hoppin!

 First time on a train!
Dady and Mark!
 After filling our self to the rim, here we are, with Vavo!
 Eating again...
 Stacy and Momy!
 Getting ready to board another train!
 Happy as we can be.
And eating again..
We all make a great group, and we are all friends, forever.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Angel's Apprentice

All morning I have been working on this, for 4 hours, I have been working on this AWESOME master piece. All morning, I have been listening to Kings X, while placing atleast 5000-10000 blocks (You wish I was kidding). To make this for my book, and to post it on here. I give you, my 4 hour work, and around 10000 blocks BEHOLD! (the first to pics are when it was half way done)


Yes, I spent 4 hours, placing and placing and placing and placing to get this. I went in to deep detail in this thing, 5 fingers per hand, 5 toes per feet, one Angel ring, a globe, and his wings. I think I could have done better with the face and wings, but this is what I came out with, this was HAND Built people, hand build, I didn't use ANY world edit for this, besides the plat form hes standing on, BUT BESIDES THAT! Every thing else was hand built, that was my chalenge with this. Now, would any of you like to see the 2nd chapter of "Angels Apprentice? BECAUSE I'M PUTTING IT ON HERE RIGHT NOW!!! :D

Chapter 2
Clare shook the boy laying on the ground but no matter how hard she shook she could not wake him.
Clare said, "Wake up!!!" but still no answer. She thought that if she could get him home she could help him with her first aid kit. She picked him up held on to his hands and slung the rest of him on her back. She ran home to her house.
She started to open the front door but then she stopped and thought that if she would open the door her mom and dad would see him and say to put that thing back were you found it, NOW!!!! So she climbed up the house by scooching up the pillar up onto the roof and into her window. When she got in her room she put him on the bed and went to the up bathroom and got the first aid kit and went back to her room and fixed up the scratches and burn marks.
She thought, "Why are there burn marks?" she went down the roof, jumped off, landed safely, and went inside. "I'm home!" she said. She heard a groan. She went into the kitchen were they had their food fixed. She sat down with her two sisters and three brothers, and their mom and dad. She ate her meal.
Her mom said "Time for bed."
From the kids came , "WHAT? IT'S SO EARLY!!!!" Clare sneaked some food for the boy. Her mom said, "NOW!!!!!" So the kids went up stairs in to there rooms and went to sleep.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Short chapter, am I right? No more chapters on here! Read it when you get it in the mail! For the rest of you, that don't get a copy, I will be posting the book on here after every one of the people that I sent the book to, has it. That should be in about 3 months? I'm not sure :P But I'll make sure every one gets to read it. Also, another crazy build of mine, it has nothing to do with "Angel's Apprentice" but it is my so called "House"(First 3 pics are outside)

 Then one of the main towers, their are 4 main towers.

 Stairs and stairs and stairs... I had to do a pair of those stairs for 4 towers, BUILT BY HAND!!!

 Then a small tower.

 And my Archery range! If you hit the button with an arrow, it will make a sound so you know you got the bull's eye!

So that's my so called "house". Most of this "house" was built by "worldedit" but some by hand, LIKE THE STAIRS!! :( Those took me atleast an hour to do all 4 of them...  Thanks for reading and, GOOD DAY HOLLYWOOD!
This is *3* master pieces by: