Friday, June 6, 2014

The cutest thing in your whole ding dang life...

2 weeks ago, I was letting in the dog, and I thought she had found a baby bird that had fallen out of its nest,  because I though I heard squeaking, but the next day, we would really figure out what it was. Bunny Rabbits. The next day, were working out in the yard, and we all hear that same squeaking noise again, but a lot more often. We go to find Blitzy, and she has 2 baby rabbits she has dug out of their nest. Whats so funny though, is that once Blitzy knew they were alive, she didn't want to hurt them. She sat their with here ears back and waiting until we found out.(Which took one of the baby rabbits dodging my feet because I hadn't seen it yet) One of the rabbits had a scratch on its ear, (from Blitzy) and the other on its back (Again, from Blitzy) we look up that if ANY rabbit has been punctured by a dog's teeth, that its spit would get into its veins, and kill it within 3 days unless it got a medicine. We figured that she got them out last night, or early that morning so we figured we had around 2 days, but none the less we found a animal shelter, and took the little wounded soldiers there, and there nice and happy there, and I think there going to release them into the wild today. But on with the story (Nope, its not over yet!) every morning she wakes us up to go see the rabbits, and she looks out the window thinking, "Kill da rabbit, kill da rabbit, kill da rabbit!" - Loony Toon's quote (Sorry, I HAD to put that in here somewhere...) and one day, some how (We STILL don't know how...) she gets UNCHAINED from her leash, and gets another rabbit out if its nest. Thankfully, that soldier had not been wounded. The day before yesterday mom saw one of the rabbits leaving its nest, and one is still in the nest as of now.  I have no pictures at the moment, but ill upload some of the pictures soon.

EDIT: Later, we come to find out that the one with the scratch down its back died, but the one with its ear scratched lived.