Thursday, April 24, 2014


Html, is a coding program that you can use to code your own websites. Ive been in a class for 13 days, and in these 13 days I learned how to use Html, and I've made my first website, its not much, but I'll try to add more later.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pixel Art Stop Motion Battle 2!

Doing another one of these, so fun to make!

Click HERE to watch!

Explosions are so fun to make...

Dont Forget to look at my review of "Winnie The Pooh, "The House at Pooh Corner""!

Winnie The Pooh, "The House At Pooh Corner"

These two books are amazingly funny, and simple. They now have 8 Characters, the new character being "Tigger", my favorite character. He's bouncy, and doesn't know ANYTHING about himself, besides that he likes Roo's vitamins. This book has the boy, Christopher Robin growing up, and getting ready to be on his own, and these little stuffed animals realizing he's getting too old to play with them anymore. This book, had me, my Dad, and Mom ALL crying at the end. And once we were done reading, Brennan says, "What's so sad?" and we all say he'll understand when he's older. But this book has a lot of really good moments with Pooh and Christopher Robin, and Pooh's game called "Pooh Sticks", and Tigger bragging, and then getting stuck in a tree. They make references to the last book, reminding the readers of what has happened in the past, (Which is a big thing for me, I LOVE that kind of stuff). These books are a great read for anyone, I'm getting to the teen age's and these are awesome books for me. One of my friends told me once I said we were reading these, "But isn't it a kids book?" yeah, it is a kids book, but its great all the same. Great read, and can't wait until we start reading another series!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Pixel Art Stop Motion!

Hey everyone, I've been getting into "Pixel Art" were you make 2D big pixel pictures on a program. I did this, but, even better, I made a stop motion video out of it! :D Here it is, hope you enjoy!


It was fun to make, but VERY long to make with the editing and such. Thanks for watching!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bohemian Rhapsody (Stuffed animal version)

Man. The fun you can have with a camra, 15 stuffed animals, and an editing program. THis is the Bohemian Rhapsody from Queen. I thought it would make a good stuffed animal video of it, so we all came to together and made this piece of art (And violence). Hope you all enjoy it, (Everyone that I have told about it has liked it if not loved it) please stick around at the end of the video for "Special thanks to," and the short clip at the end. (THE FUNNEST PART.)


This took 1 hour to video, and 3 hours to edit. (All though I think that's an understatement)
Please put in the comment if you like it, which part was your favorite, and should we do more. Have a good one!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools, dad gets us.

So, yesterday, I had to pay for something online, but I needed dads credit card number and such, he sent it over Skype, and I was kinda worried someone would get it somehow... (Remember that, it has something to do with the story) So today, dad is in the hospital. (He goes in every 6 weeks for a week) and today is April Fools, and my dad LOVES pratical jokes. So, one of his favorite holidays is April Fools, so, he calls mom, and there dealing with bills and such, and he tells mom that he needs to tell me something. So mom passes the phone to me and dad says,
"Hey Rich, I need to ask you something..."
"Well, that 300$ dolar transformer you on April 1st-" (BIG HINT, but as usual...)
"What?! I didn't buy anything that costed 300??? Let me open my computer, what transformer is it?" (And at this point im hoping, Oh man! I bought a transformer I really like! If the guy cant return it, maybe mom and dad will pay for it! :D
"Well, they charged it to the bank, so we'll have to get our money back, are you sure you didn't just order it and was going to pay it off to us?"
"No, I didnt buy anything, but... Oh no. Dad, you put your credit card number on skype, and the exp date, AND the CSC... Dad, someone got our credit card number."
"Oh, I know what happened..."
"Its April fools day."
"Oh! So the guy tricked us-"
"No, I tricked you!!!" 
And dad starts laughing like crazy and says, "Is Brennan around? I want to trick him too."
"Yeah, *Sniff* one sec, let me stop crying and I'll bring him the phone."
So, once I stop crying, I bring Brennan the phone, and dad says,
"Brennan, did you buy a 300$ collectors\ My Little Pony set? With like little action figures and cards and stuff?"
"No! I just looked at that on amazon! I didn't buy it!?"
"Well, its saying here that you did, your probably going to have to pay it off with your allowance, because it says "No returns"
"Take that off my list! I dont know how I ordered it!!!"
"Oh, you know what? Its April 1st."

And that, is dads piratical jokes. :P

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