Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Ok, I hardly ever do anything like this, but here it goes! I'm answering 11 questions about wrighting books! (And I have to do this without letting every one know what my next book is...) anyway! i got tagged by, TheMagicViolinist and she tagged 10 other people, look on her blog to see who else will answer these questions! Ok, on with the questions!

1: What is your least favorite book, and why?

Well, the thing is, I don't have a least favorite book. Manly because, if I don't like the first 3 chapters, I stop reading it. (Edit: Later in life, I join a book club and read this book called "Girl In The Arena" *Pulls a gun out to head*)

2: Have you ever read anything that made you laugh so hard people stared? What did you read?

I have a lot of books I have done that with, manly the "Dairy Of A Wimpy Kid" in I think the 5th book, were  Gregg's older brother pretends to heat up his food, then gives it to him cold. That was pretty funny, but most of the books I read now are from when there were knights and stuff, but its not cheesy stuff...

3: Who is your favorite villain, and why?

Well, my favorite villain is "Arisaka" from "Rangers Apprentice" he is a awesome villain, but you hardly ever see him, but from the way his army works, hes not dumb.

4: What is your favorite movie that was based on a book?

I don't really watch movies that much or even TV shows.(Edit: Harry Potter, havn't read the books yet, but I plan too.) So, I don't really have a favorite, but I do have a least favorite.

5: What is your least favorite movie that was based on a book and why?

(When I saw I needed to do this question, I saw a light. I've been looking for a reason to put this on my blog, and right here it is! Ok, anyway, back to the queston...) DAIRY OF A WIMPY KID MOVIES!!!!! Nothing can beat how stupid, and messed up they did those movie, it destroyed how I looked at the books!!!! DON'T WATCH THEM!!!!! FOR YOUR SAKE!!!!

 6: Which of your book characters is most like you?

Ok, sorry, but I'm going to hold off for that one, I have a character, but its in the book I'm wrighting... I'll tell you his name though, his name is "Oly" and hes in a book I'm wrighting at the moment, sorry I can't say more!

7: Have you ever based any of your characters after people you know? (Have you ever based any villains after people you know)?

Well, besides me, no. No offince to anyone, but I just sit down and just randomly put the characters together, and I add little peices as I go.

8: Which book inspired you the most in wrighting?

Probably the "Dairy Of A Wimpy Kid" seires.

9: When do you feel most inspired? Morning, night, Saturday? Why?

Well, I wright when I wright, I don't really have a time when I wright, but when I feel like it.

10: Do you wright more description or dialogue in your stories?

Way more dialogue.

11: What annoys you most in books? How about in your books?


and now I need to tag 11 people to do this, and make up 11 more questions. I don't have very many people I can tag, besides 2... Anyway, here are the people I tag!!!!

My dad at TheGypsySchoolHouse.
And Malia at Malia's Realm.
 and here are the questions!

1: Do you like blogging? And why?
2: Do you think your good at blogging?
3: Do you wright books? And if you do, could you show us a chapter?
4: Do you think your good at wrighting books if you do wright books?
5: What is your favorite 3 characters you like? (Out of all of the characters in the world)
6: Do you like being tagged? ( I will take no offince if you don't)
7: What games do you play?
8: What is your favorite animal?
9: What is your favorite color?
10: What are your favorite blogs?
11: What books do you read?

Have fun! :D P.S Also, you dont have to do these questions if you don't want to, its fine by me! :D