Monday, May 25, 2015

Monster Kingdom

I figured since I was making monsters, that I'd make a kingdom for them. Here is Monster Kingdom.
Top Left: Black Brick Keep,
 Top Right: Dogster Woods,
 Mid Left: Fish Bound Lake,
 Middle: Geyser Plains,
 Mid Left: Leave It Be (Molt),
 Bottom Left: Beggars Town,
 Bottom Right: Keepers Hold
Now for the re-do of the monster discriptions...

Monster Of 1000 Teeth: This creature lives in its cave, marked "Leave It Be" on the Kingdom map. This creature will charge at its prey, knocking it aside, then smashing its tail into the prey's head, knocking it out, and then will devour its meal. This monster is said to have 1000 teeth, or even more. Its teeth rotate in different directions and his mouth will close half way over and over again, making its head a disaster zone. This creatures mouth cant fully close, and can not move very fast. It tends to eat its meal alive, and hunts in the Dogster Woods, and occasionally it will venture to Keepers Hold to find itself a human meal. This monster is the last of its kind, so you dont have to worry about 6 of them at a time. Of course, these are all just rumors, manly because anyone that ventures near its cave never comes back, and the ones that do go insane.

Jolt: These creatures live in the Dogster Woods tending to eat anything they can find, berrys, foxes, rabbits, anything they can get their hands on. The jolts come in packs of 10-17, making them even more deadly.  This creature will charge at you at 150 MPH and ram you with its spikes all over its body, tending to slice its prey in half, multiple times. There are rumors of this dog-thing going at 250-400 MPH, but there is no confirmation. These creatures have rounded off feet which give them their speed. The myths say that the first of its kind fell a long distance, and it had to chew off its own feet to survive. It layed there for days until its feet healed so it could go hunt again, this was a horrible thing to happen at the time, but it gave its decedents an advantage: Speed.

Cringe: These monsters live in the clouds, mostly around Geysers Plains to catch popping up Miner Moles for food. This creature has 3 sections of its mouth, making it easyer to eat what it catches while flying. This monster can go to 60 MPH, and come in packs of 6-8, These creatures will surround you, and make a horrible screaching sound, much like a horrified-screaming human. They will then swoop down and eather grab you by the head, or will ram you with their spiky wings. These monsters can fly very well with their 2 sets of wings. But, as there feet are half circles, makes for horrible balance while on land, also making it very hard to sleep.

More monsters to come soon, such as Miner Moles, Tree-ents, and a fish monster. Again, if you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to put them in the comments.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Monster Invasion

So as I've been watching Doctor Who and playing more Pokemon, I got the idea to make my own monsters. These are my three BEST monsters I have come up with, with back-grounds of where they would live, if they come in packs and all of that. I also made a pic with Photo Shop so you guys can get an idea of the monsters I am talking about.
Top: Cringe, Left: Monster Of 1000 Teeth (Molt), Right: Jolt

The Cringe: Usually come in packs of 5-7, this is a flying animal, all though it can walk on land. It sleeps on clouds or in tree tops. The Cringe are expert flyers with their 2 sets of wings, they can go up to 60 MPH and make a screaming sound, much like a horrified-screaming human. The Cringe are cursed to have half-circle feet, which give them horrible balance on land, and makes it very hard to sleep. Their heads are split into 3 sections, which makes grabbing its prey and eating much easier. They tend to come out at night, where they are hard to see, the only warning you get from these horrible creatures are their scream right before they trap you.

Molt: This is a one of a kind animal, it is the last of its kind. This creature is said to have a thousand teeth, or even more. Its teeth can spin in different directions while pushing to the center of its mouth, making a horrible scratching sound. This creature can never close its mouth, and has a tail to knock out its prey, which afterwards devours its meal. Anything that enters its mouth is destroyed, metal, diamond, or any other material you can think of. Of course, these are just rumors, because anyone that gets near the creature is killed within seconds, and the ones that make it back alive go insane. This creature does not wander, as it stays in its cave when it is not hunting.

Jolt: Usually travels in packs, it is common to find 10-15 of these at a time. The Jolt has rounded off feet, the legend says the first of the Jolts had a fall, in which it had to chew off its own feet, leaving it stranded for days untill its legs healed, this was horrible for the first Jolt, but it gives its descendants a advantage, With the Jolts rounded off feet, it can run at 150 MPH, some people have said to see one going closer to 250 MPH, but there is no confirmation. Its rounded off feet also have a disadvantage, with it having bad balance while standing still. The Jolt rams into its prey, slicing it with its spikes all over its body, and then whipping its prey with its tail, causing even more damage. The creature sounds more like a dog, which it also uses to distract its prey while the other Jolts assault it from behind.

If you have any suggestions to my monsters, such as how it acts, or how it looks, please tell me in the comments, I will try to post more of these in the future.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Pokemon Fan Art

So last post I showed you guys my fusions, well, I decided to take it even farther. I made a picture of one of my fusions in battle, this is Chanlee VS Chesspin.

Not much, but it took me a while to find a picture with a pokemon in battle, here is the original picture with chesspin in it...

Lots of editing and deleting, even had to add a second foot, end of his hand, and some of his hair, due to the grass and other Pokemon's scratch. This is also a picture I made explaning why I hate bidoofs.
Make sure to read right................................................/\ There!