Friday, February 20, 2015


Might I say, homeschooling is a LOT better than Cyber School. Right now, and through the summer were going to continue school, so we can catch up from getting moved in here at PA and company coming to help out with dad. School right now is great! Each morning, we wake up, have breakfust and draw from our jar. We have a jar with 8 Different slips of paper and we draw one out. Depending on what we draw, depends on what we do that day! The 8 different slips are, Writing, Reading, Math, History, Art/Science, You Choose!(Only a subject), Media Free Day, and FREE DAY! And once we draw a slip, we put it in a baskit that we have next to the jar, and we only put those back in once we have drawn everything. (So we dont get math 3 days in a row) and its working great for us! Writing day, (Which is today :P) we get to choose if we want to do a blog post, work on our books, and wright a letter. (sometimes we do multiple things of that list) Reading we sit down, and read for an hour and a half, and then read all together and do a review of the book that we read together. Math we do 3-5 chapters in our "Life Of Fred" books. History dad reads some history stuff to us, and we watch John Greens Crash Course. Art/Science, kinda speaks for its self :P. You Choose is were we pick a subject, and do that one that day. (But the best thing about that is we keep the thing we choose in the jar, so it can still be drawn another day! Media Free day is we dont do any school that day, but we dont get on electronics. And FREE DAY is the best of all! No school that day, AND we can get on the computer at free will!(AWESOMENESS!!!) We do the jar thing every day but weekends, and then along with ALL that, we help with cooking, building things (Such as the lawn mower, the grill, which most pub school kids don't get to do!) and messing around with our dog. :P Anyway have a good day! :D

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Coming in 4th...

Hey guys! We just got great news two days ago, learning that my dad (While he is in the hospital, which puts him high up the list since he is in the hospital, but only for while he is in.) came in 4th to get the last heart that came! He did NOT get the heart, and they didn't use it on anyone for medical reasons, but he came in 4th! Which may not seem a lot, but considering that there are at least a hundred people on the list waiting to get a heart, and dad is in 4th place?! Great news for our family! All though the list does change a lot, and dad probably does go down the list more when he is not in the hospital, so it could change at any time for the better or worse. Finally my family knows that all of this work that we have put in for the past 4 years, its all coming together! Thanks for reading!