Friday, July 25, 2014


If you like fish tailing, (aka losing control of the back of your car, which SHOULD result in THIS    )
And running into tree trunks multiple times without a dent in your car, this is the game for you! I downloaded this game off of Steam, thinking, "Yay! Ill have a great car game that I can play! No one can mess up a car game." WRONG. This game takes 2 hours to download, which I would think takes FOREVER for a racing game. I open this game up and it wants me to register, I think, "Eh, no big deal" so I register, no problems there. I go to play the game, the menu is confusing as it could possibly be, FINALLY I set up the game, and spend 10 minutes looking for the start button. Once I find this game, it goes to a loading screen. I sit at this loading screen for- eh, 5-10 minutes (Typical for my computer, as it takes 5 minutes to open word pad) then, I realize, theirs these tiny little letters saying "Press Any Key" Oh thanks, I could have known that 10 MINUTES AGO. I go to FINALLY Play this game, that has taken 3 hours out of my life. The Tutorial pops up, no big deal. It says "Use light touches" I press the left key for less then half a second, this half second, takes me into a world of wonders. I spin a 360 and press the right arrow key for half a second, which sends me into another 360 the other way, and after a few 360's, I finally get control of my car. Which after 3 seconds of driving, sends me into a fish tail, which sends me uncontrollably into the metal wall. The computer hangs up right as I hit the wall. The next 30 seconds is my computer hanging up, right as me hitting the wall, and my guy screaming and the car hitting the wall repeatedly. "AHHHH-BAM-AHHHH-BAM-AHHHH-BAM-AHHHH-BAM-AHHHH-BAM" finally it stops hanging up, and my car keeps on driving into the wall. I look at the front of my car, no dents what so ever. (This game is based off of "Real Life Racing" I guess in real life racing running into a metal wall a 360 miles per hour and not leaving a dent on my car counts as "Real Life Racing") I say to myself, "Ok ok, that was bad. Lets give this thing another chance." I put the car in reverse, and slam into the other wall on the other side. I put the car going forwards, it slams into the other wall. I put it to turn, it turns and slams into the same wall. I finally, after 5 minutes of "Light Touching" get the car going down the road. I go to turn, spinning the car into another 360, then getting control over it again, then fish tailing AGAIN and slamming into a wall, and, repeat.

(only picture I could find describing this game)

So over all, a nice game if you like to see yourself crash into walls repeatedly, and like to spin in 360's. This game is "Free" But as far as I could tell, you had to buy every single car and every single track and every single AI car racing against you.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Someones B-day, and Happy Independence day!

Happy Independence day! :D And the someones B-day is.... BLITZY!!!!(This is a going along the day post, so diffrent parts of this will be put in at diffrent times) :D:D:D Our nice, and caring, insane, dog. This morning we've given her a bowl (Really more like 2 spoon full) of peanut butter! :D The pics from that are below,

(She licks so fast you cant see her tongue!(Or her face for that matter))
(Later) Feeding Blitzy breakfast! :D

Our meals (Picture secretly taken) Dad and me having bacon, Brennan having poached eggs, and mom having a poached egg. (Im out of this picture so I could take the picture! :P)

Well... Umm... There WAS  bacon. (Blitzy's meal is a tiny bowl of milk, eggs, and bacon.)

(3 seconds after the last picture) Having a drink! (No no no, not the beer kind, MILK.)
That is all for now! (Saddly, Blitzy's b-day is on July 4th, and she HATES fireworks. So we make the beginning of the day a morning to remember. (Later we are going to the park, and we cant bring her because there will be fireworks, and no one wants a b-day girl on fire. :P) Hope you enjoyed the post!

Edit: After this, I take her for a long walk, (Aka 20 minutes) and Brennan plays with her.