Sunday, October 18, 2015

Epic Lord Of The Rings Quotes!

In the past few days a LOT of people have been referencing Lord Of The Rings, and I heard 3 great quotes...

Snake Oil
My friend plays a "Fluid Ring" and says its indestructible, then my brother says "It is indestructible, unless it is thrown into the fire from which it came."
Me: "We must make the trip to Mordor."

Steam Game Sale
"One does not simply buy ONE steam sale game."

Playing "Dementor" (A fun little game)
My friend is blocking my way to tag someone, and says "You, SHALL NOT, PASS!"

Sorry, just heard those 3 in the past few days, figured I share it with all of you. Thanks for reading!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Starwars Force Awakens VS Starwars Battlefront

Alright, so since Disney got their hands on Lucas Film, and essentially the Starwars Franchise, they are now coming out with a whole list of new products and movies. The war I'm having with myself, which one am I more happy to see come out?

Starwars Force Awakens
First empression: YAY! New Starwars movie!
Second empression: Uh, wait a second here...
Second thoughts: Awww man... Dont screw it up again!

So, taking into consideration, the last 3 movies that came out sucked story wise, do we REALLY want another 3 coming out?! People make the argument, "Well, George Lucas isn't taking charge this time, so it should be AWESOME!" Yes, but once a story is perfect, you really shouldn't mess with it.
Even with all of that, I am still so VERY excited to see another one of these come out just to see if it turns out good.

Starwars Battlefront
First empression: What in the world?!
Second empression: OH OH OH
Second thoughts: There were none.

So, most everyone into starwars that has a computer, is hyped about this game! The last one was great, but still no space ship battles (I take that back, there are space ship battles, but they are the worst levels), I would like to direct your attention to this link.
Enough said.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Finally Home

Yesterday Dad came back from the second hospital stay, FINALLY! But we are learning new things as the days go by, such as a nurse comes 2 times a week to check up on dad, and another person comes once a week to check on him. We have also learned that if he stays unplugged, the Freedom Driver will make a battery-like alarm, however much shorter and only every once in a while, just to let him know he is unplugged. The rain cover is built into the backpack, on the bottom pouch, and they gave us special tape to tape up the tubes if they get snagged or have a hole in them. Just a quick update, I will try to continue putting updates to keep you all updated!