Thursday, June 11, 2015

And another update...

Hey guys, I figured since I haven't given an update in a while, I decide to give you one.

School: School has changed a lot in the past few years, we've gone from doing art-history, and every other subject every day, to Cyber School, to now what we do today. Every day that we dont have filled up (such as yesterday were we went go-kart racing) we read for about 40 minutes to about an hour, then we work on our Youth Digital modding for Minecraft, and if it isnt summer we do 2 chapers of whatever Fred book we are in.

Hobby's: Ive recently gotten into Photoshop, a program were you can bring in photos and pictures and edit them, or make your own photos from scratch. I've also been messing with clay a lot lately, making a lot of clay models for my games. Brennan has been more agressive about making his games, he spends more time on them and they come out even better every time. Dad has also been using photo shop, but to make comic strips for a website called "Sherpa" and they have already been asked to make comics for different companys. Mom has been messing around with the back yard, trimming trees and even cutting them down, planting plants, and making a great looking back yard.

General: We plan to get the fence we've been wanting ever since we moved here next week (Blitzy says "YAY!") and we've also been thinking about getting a second dog. The whole family has been collecting plants ever since I "Baby sitted" our friend Marcs plants. I Currently have 4 diffrent plants on my desk. Dad has been going in to the hospital more often and for longer, such as now, he goes into the hospital for 2 weeks every 6 weeks, and most of the time in those 6 weeks he is in the hospital for whatever reason 1-2 times, but we've been told thats how its going to roll for a while.

And I think that about wraps it up, thanks for reading.