Tuesday, August 19, 2014

In all of the craziness...

Hello again, as most of you know, me, my mom, and my brother have been gone for 3 weeks in AR. We Went to go see our great grandmother. Our great grandmother, Granny Lucy (Age 85) passed away in her daughter's home, 3 days after my birthday, August 11th.

Granny Lucy was a very kind, loving, caring woman. The only time Granny Lucy argued with someone, it was to help them, and when she got into her old age, it bothered her that she couldn't help anyone. Granny Lucy made it through her parents's and her older brother passing away when she was 13. She then had to raise her younger brothers and sisters. Then when she had her own kids, her oldest son passed away in a car reck. She brought 4 very kind children into the world, and 3 still live. She had gone through several surgery's, in old age, and living through every last one. She said a month before she died, "Im not going to be bed ridden untill I die." She got into her wheel chair every other night and ate with the faimly up untill 2 days before she died. This was a very strong women, losing her mother and father and older brother at the age of 13, raising 4 children then one dieing at the age of 18, and then being one of the last 2 of her brothers and sisters still living. Rest in peace, Granny Lucy.