Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rich's Guide To Idiocy!

Welcome, once again, to Rich's guide to idiocy. Today, were all going to read this in "Ahhhhh" and say "Who does this stuff? And why do they do it?" and I can not answer that... Today, the horror *AHHH!?!?!?!* Today the... (OK LETS STOP IT WITH THE DRAMA! LETS GET ON WITH IT WILL YA!?!?!?) Ok ok ok, jeez  I'll start... Again, to join all the fun, and get a great, but still neat gift, call; ****-****-***-**-*, thank you.

1. Get in the next lane next to you! Who cares if its the wrong way, go for it!
(Note) Have you noticed most of these idiotic things have to do with cars? Thats because most of the idiots you meet are in a car! (So that you don't hit them senseless... Or you could...)
2. Go 200 miles per hour down a little block of houses!
3. Crash into a Hummer, then when the police come, say "She hit me! She owes me a car!"
4. Hug some strangers kid!
5. Make your own online game, make it it cost 30 bucks, and when you turn on the game, all it is is a black screen!
6. Make this web site... Click on the dots.
7. Put stuff on a blog you don't need to, I would never do that! I mean, why would I do that? It just makes me lose people reading this stuff. I mean, who in the right mind, would ever do such a thing?
8. Get a house dog, then don't train it at all!
9. Make your own online game, make it it cost 30 bucks, and when you turn on the game, all it is is a black screen!(Edit: Joking about number 7)
10. Always make a plan B and C, because if you don't, you will end up in some random guys back yard in a boat with swat teams closing in on you.
BONUS idiotic thing!
Um, these are getting so hard to do, umm... Pie?

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Ok, I thought Pokemon was just some weird show with some weird animals, but its a HOLE diffrent story. My friend, Maxim, showed us his Pokemon game, (HartGold), and it was AWESOME, so me and my brother, started watching some EP of Pokemon, my brother is now in the 3rd season, and im in the 2nd, and then we thought, "If all this stuff is as good as it looks, then we could have TUNS of fun!" so, I found a 3 pack of the older Pokemon games, Platinum, (Which I'm playing now), Diamond, and Pearl. My best pokemon so far is Piplup! (or something like that) I nicked named him "Pip", he is a level 29, (As of currently, this is about 2 years later, he is level 92) (IT TOOK SO.FRECKIN,LONG. TO GET HIM TO THAT LEVEL!) so far it is awesome, I'm at the 2nd gym leader, and she's though. But so far, the Platinum game is COMPLETELY AWESOME!!!! The show is completely awesome aswell, heres the link! Click here!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Best Family EVER! (UPDATED)

We have taken a trip to AR, and AR is were pretty much all of my Mom's side of the family is, and some of my dads. My family, (4 people) pack into a Honda van, and drive 22 hours, to AR to see my great grandmother, she is sick, and her hart is giving out, I wont go into the details of the hole thing, but she has about (we think) a year to 2 years. So, we have spent most of our time with her, but we have also seen other people, such as; Gramsy and Pops (My Dad's parents) Nana and Papaw (My Mom's parents) and cousins, Jacob, Jonathon, (Those two are brothers) Emily, Becka (Sisters) Conner, and a hole bunch of ants and uncles. We haven't seen most of these people in about a year and 3 months. Because we have been traveling, and, every were we go, its about 22 hours away from AR, we just needed to come see every one. We have had the time of our life's in the past 1 and a half weeks. It is all coming to an end, we leave on the 14th, which is tomorrow. And we take the 22 hour trip back to MA to start packing, to start crying our eyes out saying good bye AGAIN, not knowing how long until we see our family again. Our life is tough  and I hardly ever say this, and we have had a hard past 2 years. Going from one place to another, but the one thing that keeps us running, is our family, and friends.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Dog, AGAIN. And some AWESOME games.

Hello,(EVERY STINKING TIME!) and welcome, to Rich's blog. This dog, I wish I could stop posting about her, this will be about the 5th post about her, BUT I CANT RESIST! I got some close up pictures the other day, hiding my web cam, and getting some pictures.
Here are some ones that I took yesterday...

 These next ones are from last year...

 These are the ones that I just took.

 Yes, I did clip my web cam to the sealing fan.

Yes, I love this dog, (Its sooo hard to take pictures of her...) she is crazy, Insane, and fast, all at the same time. ANYWAY! On to the games. There are tons of web sites I play on, but I have lowered it down to 4 web sites, and a couple of  good games on them. First, one of my favorites, One More Level, It has TONS of games, but my Favorite games on that web site are the Classic Mario games, there in the classic section. Another good web site is Yepi, one of the AWESOME games in there is "JackSmith", you can look that up in the search bar when you open Yepi. Yet, this is not a game web site, but it is fun to play with, its called "The Useless Web", It takes you Useless web sites, but the Useless ones are fun to play with when your bored. The 4th one seems like a stinky web site, but it has its fun games, Cool Math, it has mostly math games, but then again, you cant beat Bloon Tower Deference 3, and you also cant beat Bloon Tower Defense 4. (Btd4 is on Yepi, the link to that is 5 rows above this text).  Those are some good web sites to play on, no viruses, no bugs, (That I know of) And I have been playing on these for about 3 months, with np at all. There fun, and they are enjoyable.

Monday, April 1, 2013

The super heros!

Hello, (As you say, "Not again...") and welcome, to Rich's blog. Today, I will be showing you the greatest super heros ever, the ones the protect us, the ones that eat pizza all the time, the super heros that slack off... Also, RANDOM PICTURE DAY!!! :D:D

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong.
ANYWAY! Back to the super heros, there are only 2 of them, but they are the best of the best.

Ok ok ok, maybe he isn't that good, but this one is! Bird man! 
If that isn't good for you, then I cant help you buster. Thats all I got, for now. >:)