Thursday, August 15, 2013

So much to do!

Sooooooooooooooooooooo much to do. Sense my mom was a travel nurse, and we were traveling all the time, and we hardly had anything to do. Now, its the opposite. We have the day cram packed with home school activities, meeting freinds, reconstructing a back yard (More on that in the next post). So, like I said, the day is cram packed with stuff. Soooo...

This master peice was created by,
Rich (Yes, we are doing this again >:) )

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Ok, so... Heres the deal, I was at Hershey PA hospitable while my mom and dad were getting things signed, and, a guy in a wheelchair  dropped his cane, it looked like he had just got admitted out of the hospitable. He was slowly going back to get it, having a lot of trouble. Everyone else in the room was eather talking, or looking down at their phones, and one person even looked at the man, then went back to what he was doing. I stood up, walked over (within 5 seconds, WOW!) and picked up his cane and handed it to him.(He acted like I had just handed him a pot of gold!) He said
"Wow! Thank you sir, thank you thank you thank you!"
"Your welcome."
Ok, peoples, yes, YOU! I have a little trouble believing that no one can take 10 seconds out of their life to save 5 minutes of someone elses! When someone buys you food, say thank you! When your walking down a lane in Walmart, even if your running to get back to your cart or to your parents, say excuse me to the people your speeding by! Manners please!!! It drives me nuts!!! Thank you, excuse me, and your welcome would do this world a lot of good! Don't be rude by littering by throwing your gum out side of your car window, keep a little trashcan in your car! And if your car is too small for that, keep some tissues in the car and spit it out in that until your next stop! Don't just poke, annoy, and drive people nuts on purpose! When your in a theater, don't throw your pop corn and spill your drinks a drop your whoppers, other people have to come in after you and clean up your mess! That is very hard to pick up than it is to not drop it! Also, KEEP YOUR PANTS UP!!! This rant is officially over. Thank your for your time! And guess what? This post at the tops only took 10 minutes out of your life! (Wow!)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

I cant wait any longer...

I just cant wait any longer... Its coming out in September... They have the picture already on the ToysRUs website... I. CANT. WAIT. ANY. LONGER. The Hasbro website said that it would most likely be out at a price at $160. But guess what? In ToysRUs $160 is no longer. Its $120 bucks! $40(Sorry, had the wrong sign last time, I FIXED IT THOUGH!) off! :D SEPTEMBER WILL BE MY FAVORITE MONTH OF THIS YEAR. THIS. IS. MY. TOY. MINE!!! ALL MINE I SAY!!!!! MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has all 5 cassettes... But no energon cube.(Later when i com to buy it it has the cube and all of te cassetes) Which would you rather have? 4 little cassettes that are $120, or, a 2 buck box. He has the yellow visor. He is awesome. So many details... SO, MANY. You can zoom in on the picture at this link. It looks so much like the cartoon!!!! COMPLETELY AWESOME SOUNDWAVE ZOOM IN.


IM BACK!! :D I had so much fun! I'll try to be posting again soon! :D Hope everyone had a nice weekend! :D Because... I HAD MY B-DAY PARTY!! :D I had a lot of fun! :D Thanks all you donators at my b-day party, your donation will be going to transformers. Thank you for your perpetration. >:O MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Cousins are coming withing the next hour! There staying here for 3 days, so I wont be on much. Also, as a reminder, August 8th is my B-day! :D CANT WAIT!!! :D I'll be 12! Anyway, again, wont be posting much for the next 3 days, maybe not at all. But anyway, everyone have a good week end!