Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pictures! (Minecraft)

So, about a month ago I made these Minecraft pictures and hopefully I will get some more out soon. I am trying to get every one I know and that reads this blog :P. If I have not done you yet and you would like a thing in the back ground please put it in the comments.  So far, there are 12. Most of the stuff has something to do with your job, hobby, or that your AWESOME at. (Click on the first pic for slide show)
Dad (Guitar)

Mom (Nurse)

Brennan (Toot) (TV)

Me :O (computer)


Kate (Foley) (Book)

Max (Foley)

Nana (Neckless)

Papaw  (Pistol)

Grams (sowing)

Mark (Foley) (Backbone)

Stacy (Foley) (Inch)

These are the pictures I have so far. Again if I do not have a picture with your name I am planing to make more.
If I don't make one for you in the next time I do this, feel free to tell me in the comments.

Monday, January 28, 2013


Ok so this is my first book, here's the first chapter:

Chapter 1
The Big Scream
Clare was not a normal looking girl with golden hair, white skin, and brown eyes. When she went to school every one just stared at her and pushed her around but soon she would not be that type of girl. One day at her school the bell rang. Every one in the whole entire school started to run out the doors, after all most every one had gone, Clare was one of the only ones left in the school. She was in the detention room after what happened in class. She was in science and Sam the class bully, was picking on her, poking and stealing from her desk. She finally got fed up and stood up and started to yell at Sam for stealing and poking her.
But the teacher said, “Clare you did not have the right to sand up and yell at another class mate.” Clare protested but that was when she got sent to the detention room. There were about 8 other people in the room.
She sat in the detention room for 1 hour. While other people only had to stay for 10-45 min. By the time she got out there were 2 other people in the room they wanted to get home as fast as they could Clare, on the other hand did not want to get home that eagerly. Her parents were not the happiest campers so, she did not get her stuff as fast as the other people. When she got out of the school building there was a scream as loud as a horse:
"AHHH!!! SOMEONE HELP US PLEASE, HELP!" So Clare started to run following the sound of the scream. She came and there was not 2 figures but 1. And the one figure left was laying on the ground.
This book is my first book ever. I had fun making this book and hopefully soon it will be in your hands (People that will get this book: Nana, Papaw, Grams, Pops, Max, Kate,  and Emily). This first chapter does not explain what this book is about but, once you get in about 2-3 chapters it all makes sense :P. I would also like to say that this is a 16 chapter book, some chapters are short some are long. Just so you know, this book is manly built around God and the Devil. Although it is not about the religion, Its manly about, wait a second here! I almost told you what was going to happen! I am keeping my mouth shut. Anyway, I am planing to fix this one up a little and then send it to you guys, then I am going to make a new book (DON'T ASK WHAT IT IS ABOUT!!!). All I am telling you is that no one has done a book about it before (I think). So, if i do give you a copy of this book, READ IT!!!  XD

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


In the last 3 post's I have been griping about crazy, horrible, stupid stuff. This one I will be talking about Hershey PA, this is where my family met our best friends for life. (Grams if you're reading this you know what I am about to say): the Foley's. They're fun and crazy (kinda like we are). When we go over to their house it's for about 2-4 days, 5 at the very most. Also we stay up into the wee hours like 1-2 in the morning and wake up at 8 and are powered up again to go play wherever we are going to go, either a restaurant, INCH, or the park. We play Yu-ge-oh, Wizard101, Minecraft, and sometimes One more level. We have fun no matter were we go. We make jokes, run, play, shoot each other with Nerf darts. No matter where we go we make fun and laugh. Other times WE KICK BUTT ON CAPTURE THE FLAG! Sorry but we do :P. Also about INCH, INCH is a home school group in Hershey. Stacy, (the mom of the Foleys) put this AWESOME group together. She plans the whole thing. That's where we and the Waldrons  (other friends of the Foleys) have the most fun. We play tag, freeze tag, capture the flag, and hide and seek tag (there are also about 6 of the Waldrons not to mention the other 20 people in the group). If you ever pass by Hershey, check out the group and meet everyone that we have. This place by far is the BEST place to live if you like nice people, fun stuff, awesome parks, and great views in the spring. Sadly we haven't Skyped with the Foleys in about 3 days, THAT'S TOO LONG!

This is the 4th day to day life.
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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Soccer /CT

CT sucks. Sorry but it sooooooo does. Anyway, so while my mom was a travel nurse we stopped at places for 3 months each. So mom got a job in CT. First of all she was working almost every night for the 3 months, so we hardly got to see her, and I know it had to be hard working that much on night shifts. So one of the things that SUCKED about CT is that me and Brennan (My bother) signed up for Soccer. What we didn't know is that they didn't assign coaches to each team (Would have been nice to know that)... we were half of a team short and a coach that didn't know how to train us for the games. So as a resort, we ended up losing almost every game and the only reason that we won is that the other team didn't know how to block our goals. And why we lost is because we didn't have real practice and that we had less players. We had the right amount of players on the field but not on the bench. The thing is that our players have to take a brake and we were not getting that, so we were gasping for breath the hole time (And to top it off we had a player with a breathing problem so he was about to pass out) And to top it off again the other coach had MORE players than the normal teams so they were all fresh while one of us sat out and 5 of them sat out. out of the 6-9 games we won 2 times. NOT fun for soccer. Other reasons why CT sucks : Traffic all the time, stores take cash only, gas was 289475220875029387452395782304857 bucks. The only good thing about CT is the Restaurants :D I cant name them but there are really good.

This is the 3rd day to day life.
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Monday, January 21, 2013

Both sides of the door.

This is yet another day to day life (I told you it wouldn't be long). So this one is about our dog. She has found out how to open and push the door open (She is not even a year old) so she is learning quickly. But the thing is that we didn't know she would learn this fast. So the deal is that, I am sleeping one day then I hear Brennan screaming his lungs out about something (This is how most of us wake up in this house) So I get up walk out of our room and Brennan tells me that the dog has opened the door from the side that you pull open. And when I look at the door its open and the dog is outside. The dog learns from us, she sees how we open the door and she tries it but in dog mode. We have seen dogs push the door open but not one that pulls it open. So now she can open from both sides of the door unless its just a sphere shaped door nob. And the side affect of her opening the door is she thinks she needs a treat for it. She will earn a treat when she learns how to close the door. Because when she opens it, it lets in the 15 degree weather and we all about freeze to death. And when mom and dad go to pay for the heating bill they'll pass out.

This is the 2nd day to day life.
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Day to day life.

I have decided what I am going to do with this blog. To destroy it with my day to day life.

So I am in to archery now and me and dad are "trying" to find a place to do it. Its in the middle of winter and it is freezing cold outside. So dad calls this archery place says we would like to do lessons and dad also explains that we don't (note this) want to do it out side at this time of year. So the guy says, "Sure, come by around 10:00 in the morning and we will get your son started off." So we go to the place he told us to and we come to a very, very, very small house with construction going on outside. We meet the guy and by the smell of his breath he has been smoking a lot. He tells us to go look at the memberships and sign up for the lessons (The first lesson is free). We go inside and his wife is siting in the cloud of smoke from cigarettes while every flat surface in the house is ether filled up with paper or junk.  So we walk inside and the woman says: " You're the archery person, right?" Dad says "Yes we are." So she walks over to her desk (filled with every thing you could  think of) and while she is doing that that gives us time to look around the house. The floor is cracked (leftovers of when they "tried" and failed to potty train the dog and cat) and she hands dad a piece of paper with the memberships on it and to sign up for the lessons. Dad asks for a pen and she sighs in a mean  way and points under all the crap were there is a bowl of pens and she acts like dad should know it's there. (I would say "No, I can't see it because its under all of your crap" but anyway back to the story). Dad signs up, and when we get out we heave for breath because we were holding our breath for at least a minute while in the house. So when we talked to the man (Al), he also said he would meet us under a tree and he would see my stuff that I had. As I said earlier in the post dad called Al and said he didn't want to do archery outside. And here we are sitting under a tree with targets for archery. So we wait for Al. 5 minutes go by... Another 5 minutes go by... 10 minutes go by and me and dad are chattering our teeth in the 15 degree weather in the snow waiting for Al to come look at my bow. We go back to the house tell the woman that we thought that it would be inside and we cant stay out in this weather. The woman humphs again and acts like we should be able to stay in this weather. I don't know if any of you know this but my family is from AR when the news says its going to snow, the grocery stores are cram packed with people trying to get ready for the 1 inch snow.

This is the 1st day to day life another one will come out when something crazy happens or just weird. (Believe me it won't be long)

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The bathroom.

So, we are looking for a house in Springfield MA. We run into this house with a stone path and bricks for the out side. So we go to take a look at the house and we walk in and it has a nice wood floor and the walls are peach. We look around its nice and all and then, we walk into the up stairs bathroom. We run outside (In horror) and unlock the van and drive away (Well not really, we got the house) What really happened is we walked in, and we asked the landlord if we all looked ok and if we were not seeing things. As we looked in we saw pink tiles for the floor and pink for the walls (Even the bath tub was pink) The only thing that was not pink was the toilet. We moved on and when we got out side we all said: "That bathroom was weird." Later after we got the house and looked in the shed out side, and saw that there was a pink toilet. We thank the landlord for taking out the toilet. (So it could have been worse).  All I can say is that the landlord before this one needed to see a brain doc.

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Monday, January 7, 2013


This is the criminal... This is the tooting... This is the insane... This is driving me nuts.... kinda like PEANUT BUTTER FUDGE! Ok so in the last post I told you I would tell you how we new she liked peanut butter fudge. She goes insane when she sees us open the "peanut butter fudge box" she looks... With the peanut butter fudge in our hands... She sits down every muscle straining... For one little tiny piece of the very very very tasty treat. Once you give her a piece she eats it in 0.12 seconds and looks up for another piece so you give her another piece... Then, you don't know it but your setting your self up... So later in that day, you go to set down well, then the dog sits down with you, so you turn on the tv. In the smack middle of your tv show you smell this very very very very very stinky smell... Well the dog is setting next to you so you look to her. Then you hear... THEEPTH!!! And then only then you have a urge to want a gas mask. Ok were done with the flash back I will tell you how we ended up with peanut butter fudge... So right before Christmas (As we always do) we make candy's, and lots of them (Were just now half way through them after we started on the 12th of dec.) So mom makes peanut butter fudge (Since she knows dogs like peanut butter) and when she gave the dog a piece she made the biggest mistake in her life. The dog ate it, then looked up at mom with eyes bigger then a softball and then mom said "Awww have a another piece. As I said up above she was getting her self. *Later that night* WHATS THAT SMELL!!!???

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Friday, January 4, 2013

2nd post about the dog...

Okay, so this is another post the dog. We are finding stuff out about our dog that is unlike any other dog... So now we have now found out what her most liked food is. Peanut butter. This dog is crazy about it, you give her a piece then all she does for the next five minutes is stare at you. Every muscle in her body is strained trying not to be bad or anything just for peanut butter/peanut butter fudge. How did we find this out you ask? Well that's what I am going to tell you, IN THE NEXT POST!!!! DUM, DUM, DUM!!!! Anyway back to potty training. THIS DOG DRIVES ME NUTS WHEN IT COMES TO THIS! This is how it works she comes over and scratches the door she can either want to play in the -52087402984750298475092847 weather or
she needs to go the bath room. So if you don't take her out (Because you think she wants to play) she goes in the floor. But if you do take her out it takes her 5 minutes to go so your freezing your butt off when this dog is going pee. Its been very hard (I must say harder than I thought) to train this dog but on the bright side shes not going to be sleeping out side in the  -52087402984750298475092847 weather. OH OH OH!!!! I just saw something that made my day.

So at least I know she's going to try.