Saturday, July 25, 2015

This, is when you know, its a start of a good day.

This, is when you know, its the start of a good day, if this happens on your very first horde of shiny hunting for the day.

(the funny thing is. when I was entering my first horde that had this guy in it, I was thinking about a video were this guy, on the very first egg of the day, hatched a shiny.)
Edit: 12:50 in the morning.
It was a start of a very, shiny day.

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Hey guys, I figured since I have been having a really good time on Pokemon- Omega Ruby, I would share it with you. Last week I found this thing called "Wonder Trading" in OR, which is were you pick a Pokemon you want to trade, you enter it into the Wonder Trading, and you get a random Pokemon from someone else that is in Wonder Trading. Most of the time people just put in their extra Pokemon and such in there, but every once in a while you'll find someone that is giving away good and rare Pokemon.

Wednesday- I was on a live stream of Pokemon on Twitch, the streamer started up a givaway, my name was called and I got a level 100 shiny Bulbasaur holding a Master Ball. Later that night, I got a level 100 Wailord.

Thursday- Late at night, I was on wonder trades and got a shiny Crobat and a shiny Tyrunt.
Friday- Wonder Trading AGAIN, got a level 100 bayleaf, and a Phoine.
Saturday-Today- I did wonder trades earlier, no luck. Went to try to catch a shiny Numel and found a shiny Machop.

So, in total, the past week I have gotten 4 shiny Pokemon, an awesome Item, 2 level 100's, and one very rare Legendary (Phoine)

Im trying my luck again with the Numel, after I get a shiny numel, its off to a Shiny Dratini!

Edit: Sunday early in the morning I catch a Shiny Numel
Edit (later in the day) I get a shiny Diglett in wonder trades

Edit: EVEN LATER on Sunday I get a level 100 shiny, pokerus Venomoth.
Edit: The streak never ends. Really late on Monday night I get a level 100 Simipour. The luck is real.
Edit: And finaly on Tuesday, the streak ends.