Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Music, and some things I made.

Hello, I am here to show you a vid that took me 2 hours to make, its called "Fight!" and it is around a 15 second vid. Me VS Herobrine.

This took me FOREVER to make. Steave and his backup dancers.

Yup, the one that took the longest is Steave and his backup dancers. Steave and his backup dancers took me about 3 hours to make, and the Herobrine VS A4d9 (A4d9 is me) took about 2 hours. I know what you're saying, "THAT TOOK YOU 3 HOURS??? THAT'S CRAZY! WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!" My answer to you is, It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not a waste of time, it was FUN! I did this on a program called "Mine-Imator" its a Minecraft program, so that you can make animated Minecraft vids, and pics. It takes FOREVER to make vids, every time that guy moved, I had to move him. It takes WAY longer to make vids this way, but it is a VERY fun way, and a cool looking way. Also, if you get this program, the vids on "Youtube" are not helpful, if you can skype with me, or meet with me some how, I might show you the way of "Mine-Imator". DUM DUM DUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! P.S Steave and his  backup dancers is not working at this time, we will try to get it working soon, sorry. *Three hours later* ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hackers. And a crazy "girl".

Ok, I play this game called "Minecraft" and people, HACK! Yes, that's right, hack. If you don't know what hacking is, its this; Hackers are people in games that get unfair things, some how, I don't know how, but it makes it to were they can fly, get them the best stuff known to Minecraft,  and get whatever the heck they want. So, I am not a big fan of these cheating hackers, and I love to catch them, what ever I have to do, I do it. This story, proves my point. First of all, I would like to say before anyone keeps reading this, I am completely crazy. Ill make a long story short. I heard that a group of hackers, we're going to join a server that I play on. I found the hackers, and one of them beleaved I was a girl, because of how my guy looks and my user (A4d9) no one really knows if I am a boy, or a girl. They told me their ages, (for some reason) and they were around the 12-15 age. And I know, boys that age, its really stupid, but they will go for ANY girl. And when I say any, I mean ANY girl. Again, its really stupid, but I used it to my advantage, I changed my AWESOME skin to a girl skin, and started acting like I liked them, witch did the trick. They didn't suspect a thing, and when I looked in to their chests, and took stuff from their chests, as proof that they were hackers, they didn't suspect me. So now, I have shown the owner of the server the stuff that I got, and they will be banned from the server, here are some pics. Here's their base.

 And here's my most, likely story. Also, the signs that i am talking about right there, are what protect your chests, and be leave me, I went through a lot of trubble to get those signs off.
And some of my friend's helped, Lubeanyone (That's his user, I don't know him in real life.) and Cuteponys2001 Witch is one of my best friends in real life, Avery. So the hackers, be leaved anything I told them, Because of my girly ways >:) Anyway, thought I would put this story on here, no big deal, I just thought it was neat of how I handled it. And hopefully, when they are banned, I get their AWESOME base.
Oh, and here's a pic of my girl skin that I had on, if I hadn't of had this, this would have never happened.


Hello, and I am here to show you my AWESOMENESS, at making very, very, very, very, weird pics. So, here is my awesomeness, and my weirdness.

Thank you hollywood! Post a comment below and tell me how weird I am!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Some things you never new about me.

Here are some things you probably never new about me.
1. I LOVE crystals
2. I have a dog that wants to bite my hand off
3. I watch my little pony
4. I sleep with at least 6 stuffed animals
5. My fav songs are Pray  and YellFire
6. My fav animal is a Hippo and/or Turtle
7. I have built and igloo (More of this in a later post)
8. My best friends are Maxim, Kate, and Avery
9. My dog licks my foot, for some reason
10. I love NYC
11. I eat a LOT
12. My fav food is my dads mac and cheese
13. I love to write
14. I play company of hero's
15. My fav blogs are Sushi and pizzaThe magic violinist, and the Gypsyschoolhouse
16. I love to play Capture the flag
17. I want to be a person that finds crystals when I am older (I forget what they are called...)
18. I want to play drums
19. My mom and dad are completely AWESOME!

There are somethings, that you never new about me, well, maybe some you knew :P

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rich's guide to idiocy

Hello, and welcome, to Rich's guide to idiocy. I will now do another list of idiotic things that idiots would do. Remember, to do these things, and get a gift, call ****-****-***-** thanks.
1. Go 20984720845209874 miles per hour in a parking lot!
2. Make a door with a breakable handle!
3. Pant your house pink!
4. Drive your truck into a gutter!
5. Make an appointment with a doctor 6 hours away from you, then, at the last minute, call back and say, "Sorry, I just saw that your 6 hours away from me, I wont be able to make it in time."
6. Make a phone store, then, make your connection nowere!
7. Make a melting computer charger
8. List the same thing over again!
9. Make a mod for some game, then make it a 13 process to download! (Then make it not even work)
10. Hack the internet!


Thank you for reading, and please post in the comments if any of these things have happened to you.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rich's guide to idiocy

Hello, and welcome, to Rich's guide to idiocy. Today I am here to tell you the things that you need to do from your day to day life as an idiot. I have a list, of idiots I have seen that do this, so I have added them to the list.  *WARNING * If you aren't an idiot, you are not permitted to do these things. To get a pass please  call this phone number ****-****- ***-** thank you.
1. Who cares if the light is red, GO!
 2. Wait about 5 seconds to go after the green light is on.
3. Have a "Smarty pants" tone every time you "think"some one is wrong.
4.  Get all of your idiotic friends, and build a printer, and make it have a little song when it turns on, then, when users try to print it, they get there life long dream they wanted in a printer! It paper jams every stinkin time! And on the side, put "Lighter and matches not included.".
5.Who cares if that guy is backing up? Go right up behind'em!.
6. Make a melting computer charger!
7. Glasses that fall apart when you first use them them!
8. Hack the internet!
9. Make a house that has a window in the bathroom, and make it pink!
10. Have fun being an idiot!
That is my list of idiotic things you can do wall being an idiot, remember, if your not a member of the idiot club, theirs always more room! With at least 2087240289452 idiots in the club! Make some new freinds there! Remember, to get a of all the fun, call ****-****-***-**. If you join today, you will get a surprise gift! Remember, to get part of all the fun, and to get a very neat surprise, call ****-****-***-**. See ya later guys!

(2nd Rich's guide to idiocy)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Rich's guide to idiocy

Welcome to, Rich's guide to idiocy, today I will tell you about some, smarty pantes, idiots, and idiotic people. First off, I would like to start of with my little friend at archery, Jake,  he has been doing archery for 2 years and says he knows how to count the score, does he? No.  So, our targets are next to each other, while I'm counting my score, this guy is counting his score. Then, Jake  looks at my score card and says: "The bull's eye is 10 points, not 5." And I, for one thing, am a newby at archery, but I have always known that the bull's eye is 5 points, not 10. So I say: "I don't think its 10 points, if it was 10 point's, it would put the whole scoring thing off balance." he says: "Who's been here for 2 years?," in a "smarty pants" voice. "And who's been here for 3 weeks?" he said Then, I walk away and say nothing, and I ask the instructor  if the bull's eye is 5 points or 10 points and he said: "It's five points! Who told you it was 10?" And I point at Jake. "Jake!" says the instructor, "Is the bullseye 10 points or 5?" And in the same smarty pants tone he says:
"Its 10."
"It's 5! Not 10! the instructer said
Jakes smile faded, and looked at me, mad. And he just walked away. And the instructer went back to his work. So far, Jake has not talked to me again.
And this is the end of Rich's guide to idiocy! Thank you for reading, and keep an eye on this blog, there will be more >:).

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Minecraft (Better post, and how to play)

As most of you know, I had a not-so-good post on minecraft. Now this time, I will show how to play, and the text chat, and how to use some commands. As most of you know aswell, Minecraft is a HUGE hit getting atleast 1000 copys sold per day, were you can buy it is at : . This post is mostly how to play and how to see, and read text chat. We will start with the crafting. The crafting table (Witch is one of the main things you use in minecraft) is built by 4 wooden planks. To craft a crafting table, hit I or what you set your inventory to. There should be a 2x2 box in the right top corner. This is what i call, the hand crafting. You put 1 wooden plank in each of the hand crafting. then the 1x1 box should have a Crafting table in it. click on that it should attach to your mouse, then place it in one of the boxes at the bottem of your inventory. Once you have done that, you should place it and it should be a little box with a axe and a saw on it. That is a crafting table. And here are the main stuff you can craft with the crafting table: Armor:

You may be saying: What are those black do hickys?  Whats that silver thingy? WHAT ARE THE LIGHT BLUE THINGS? Well my friend, that's why I'm here, those "black do hickys" are coal. You find those under the ground as black ore, witch i will show you later. The "silver thingys" are iron, also found under the ground, but as orange color. Those "LIGHT BLUE THINGS" are, wait for it, DAIMONDS! also found under the ground witch can also make armor, that is better the iron armor. Daimonds are rare, not as rare as emeralds. When I find daimonds, I always scream: DAIMONDS! on the chat and irl (I will tell you what irl means when we get to chat). So, also what you do in minecraft is, destroy stuff and place stuff. You may also be saying, "But lots of other games can place and brake blocks? What makes this one better?" Well Ill tell you. What minecraft is known for is for its HUGE amount of blocks, there are around 200 diffrent types of blocks, that you can make move, smelt, and place. This is minecraft a HUGE amount of blocks, crafting, roller costers, automatic doors, Mobs, pvp, and AWESOMENESS, heres some mobs, the Zombie, Skeleton

Heh heh... I didnt even know I had that on my comp... *A, I didnt know face* Tet me delete that here, there we go. Now on with the post. Now that I have shown you the mobs, and crafting, its time for me to teach you text chat. Ppl, (that stands for people) have diffrent ways of saying things, for example, Lol or LOL means Laugh out loud, and irl means In real life. Btw, (Stand for By the way) i use these a lot if you ever run into me. My ign (in game name) is a4d9, I'm a geek, I'm lazy, I am a pro archer,  and I'm a Mormon. (Post in the coments if you get the joke).

This is yet another masterpeice by:  

Monday, February 4, 2013

The car, and something awesome. And yet another post about the dog.

This is another- *OW!* ow, ow, ow....
Yes, this dog is now trying to bite my fingers off- *OW!* So on with the post, Bitzy (Our dog if you haven't seen the post about her look in "Older posts".) is now.... Wait for it, POTTY TRAINED! YAYAYYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAY!!!! Sorry, but I am glad I don't have to clean her "left overs", bleck... Anyway, yes she is potty trained, knows the sit command, and were working on stay. Then, we think were going to work on getting the water fall of slobber in the car. Because she was far away when she was born, I don't remember were but it was far away, and a long journey awaited her. She took about a 10 hour car trip to a place were they keep dogs with out a home. She was about 2 months old at this time and still remembers the car trip. Then (since no one wanted her were they took her) they took her to MA were me, and my family just got settled in. The day she was available to buy, guess who was looking for a puppy? On the same web sight, the same time they put her on the web sight, we were on that web sight, looking for a puppy. The timing was almost impossible to mach. So we went there, the person that was showing her to people said there was already 6 people that had looked at her and the 7th one was looking right now. At the place, her name was Faith, because, partly she was scared out of her pants from the car trips, 2nd because all that was going on the the room she was put in was, "BARK, BARK BARK!" and she was bundled up in one little cage "trying" to sleep. We asked the person if we could see her. When we did see her, we saw why  they thought her name should be faith. She never barked, she didn't play that much, and she just looked around. When we took her home, her name should have been bullet. Going 220958723094857209348572349058723049578 miles per hour. Then, we took her for a car ride, she STILL remembered the car ride, and a water fall came out of her mouth. Since then, she has still been doing that, every time, even if its just 5 minutes in the car.

This is another mast- OW! Every time... by: