Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mp-13 Soundwave!

TRANSFORMERS!!!! :D:D:D My obsession, Mp-13 Soundwave. This is the coolest toy ever known to man kind. EVER!!! I dont have one, YET. I will get one of these, I cant live with out it. You can buy this now and get it shipped from Japan (Which, I would do if I had the money...) It will cost around 300$ But its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wearth it. This Soundwave is from G1 cartoons, Which have the best Soundwave of all. If you don't know who sound wave, your insane. Soundwave is a Transformer, he transforms into a cassette player, and he has 5 cassettes that he could store inside of him. The cassettes were, Rumble, Frenzy, Buzaw ( I think thats how you spell it...), Ravage, and LaserBeak. If you have watched the G1 cartoons, you know while Soundwave is in robot mode, he could hit is own button to let his cassettes out. This Soundwave can do just that, he has a double jointed elbow, and at his shoulder is also kinda double jointed, and his index finger is on 2 hinges. With all of that, (They went way out of their way to do all that, mainly for the collectors...) he can bend his elbow, move his shoulder, and move his index finger to push his own button! This is such a great pose for collectors. His door pops open and there are your cassettes! He has his shoulder cannon aswell, and his gun that sits in his hand. Now for some pictures!

Soundwave also has a notch on his forarm, and a notch on his shoulder. Laserbeak and Buzaw have little indents on their feet. They can both perch on his forarm/shoulder, for completely awesome poses! Buzaw and Laserbeak both have there spy cams to! On there heads, you can just flip it right up! Frenzy and rumble both have there rumble-thingys and the ends move! Then apparently, the rumble-thingys can atatch to Soundwaves forarm! (I have no idea were they showed that in the G1 cartoons...) Then Ravage just looks super cool. You can get so many poses out of this guy, and even if you want it to just play with, still very  nice! It has tuns of joints, and his legs bend the right way this time, (Unlike the first G1 soundwave) Super cool toy/poser! Eather one you want it for, it will serve for the job. I want it for a toy. >:)


The trip... To the Library...

... The Library. The place were you get books, the place of wonders... And the place were Rose works. Rose, is a Librarian, and is very rude. I know this from experience. A long 45 minutes experience. One day... Me, my Dad, and my brother, went to the Library, to get Library cards. We walk to the registration counter, (Which is were you get your cards...) we get in line, we wait in line for 30 minutes, when the person in front of us finishes getting their card, she turns around. She looked so sad, and happy. She looked like she had been released from a trap, a very long trap. That trap, was Rose. We walk up to the counter,  and we tell her our information. But before we give her that, she lectures us about keeping up with books, and if we lose them, we wont be able to get loans when were older and cars. After that, my brother, gives him her name. (Which his name is Brennan) she types one letter on the computer, then asks for his name again. He tells his name again. She types one letter, then she asks for his name again, this went on for 10 minutes. Then after she had typed out his name, she said, "Ok now, Brandon..." *Pulls out hair, then pulls out pistol, then shoots him self...* She had no trouble with my name, or my dads. But when our last name came... "Johnson" same thing that happens with my brother, "Ok, so the Johseaons..." Yet another 10 minutes... *Pulls out more hair...* Then  she lectures us, AGAIN! About, dont let anyone get a hold on the books that we barrow. This goes on for another 10 minutes. Then she tells us her hole life story, how her boy friend dumped her, how collage was. Where she worked... Then that goes on for another 10 minutes... Then she say bye, 5 minute bye. 5 FRECKIN MINUTES!?!?!?!?! It takes me 30 seconds to say bye, (Unless its the Foleys...) Me, Dad, and my brother, go as fast as our legs can carry us. Then my Dad says, "No need to check out books today, when Rose is off, we will go get some books..."

*Next time, on Rose.*
"Please not again... Its her." DUM DUM DUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Dramatic huh?)
 Thank you for all who Read this, and thank you for baring with me...

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Hell- (Again, really?) Ugh. Fine. Hey everyone, its been a while since I've posted. I'm getting ready to move, so I wont post for a while- (AGAIN!!!!) once I get moved, I think I'm going to start doing reveiws, on mainly Transformers (IM OBSESSED WITH THEM!!!) Anyway. Just getting up to date! :D