Monday, October 14, 2013

Rich's Guide To Idiocy.

Welcome to Rich's guide to idiocy! Now, dont forget to call **-***-**** for a "neat" gift! And the review that said that it had a "SUCKER" note in it is soooo not true... Heh heh heh. But it does have a lollipop! Anyway, heres the list for you idiots out there!

1# Stand in the middle of the road and shake your butts like a mad man! (Oh, dont worry, no one will hit you, and even if they do, they will go to jail, not you!)

2# Get windows 8!

3# Be the author of this blog 

4# Buy a house, and don't take care of anything on the property. Even if it endangers your family members or anyone that comes within the house! Then sell the house.

5# Say your going to pay something, and then don't pay for it!

6# Do something really stupid in front of a lot of people, then dive under something!

7# Blow something up.

Thank you, and please, to all of you idiots out there, have a great day!

Monday, October 7, 2013


No. I didn't abandon you! I didn't even think about abandoning you! (Heh heh...) Anyway... Me and my freind (That is an adult) Yes. Kids can be great freinds with adults! Anyway, me and my freind are spending money on these Pokemon Marbles were going crazy! We have 4 lots on eBay, so far. Total, more than 200 marbles. (And my freind keeps on getting on at night and buying more lots...) And were getting our other freinds into them too! Were giving them some of the marbles we get, (But we get first picks :P) there so cool! I even came up with a game with them! There crazy awesome! You should think about ordering some too! You find great deals on Amazon and eBay! They seem like a nerdy thing at first, but after you get a few, and start playing with them, there awesome! Now, here are the rules for my game!

Players 1-6 (You can have more but it gets crazy...)
Each player must have at least 1 pokemon marble, (you can use reg marbles but its better to use the pokemon ones) Look at the pokemons name above the pokemon. Thats the pokemons reg name. You can have a nick name too. Each pokemon has HP, DEF, and SP. HP is how much Health it has. This plays a big part in the game. Because once your pokemon gets to 0 HP, it faints. DEF also plays a big part in the game, all though, you could play without it. When the pokemon your playing against atacks, (Ill tell you about that later) like say, the attacking pokemon uses tackle, tackle does 3 damage which would take away 3 health, but if you have 1 DEF, it would do 2. What you would do, is you would take the 2 DEF away from the 3 ATK 2-3=1 it would do just 1 damage. SP is how many times you can move per turn. How you move is you flick the marble or push it 1 time for every sp you have. Then, you can attack, when you hit a marble while your moving you can attack, doing damage to the other pokemon. Last pokemon standing wins! Each pokemon starts out with tackle, which does 3 damage as there attack. Choose there starting stats fairly, because each battle you get to add 1 point to each stat. Per battle you win you go up a level. Highest level is 100. After you get to 100, you cant level up that pokemon anymore. As of right know, the highest level pokemon marble is OMANYTE level 20, SP 10, DEF 3, HP 12.