Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Pokemon, what is the plot?!

Hey guys, I was thinking about Pokemon today, and thinking, "What is it really about?" Are you really trying to "Catch Them All"? It doesn't seem so, because in the games once you've collected them all, and go to Prof. Oak, he gives you a shiny little prize, and a little speech, GJ Gamefreak! So, as I continued to think about this, I get along the lines of : Is it about battling? Yeah, yeah it is.

Pokemon In A Nutshell

Travel around the Pokemon, and you'll run into many wonders! Experience the thrill as you travel all around the Pokemon universe, as you imprison innocent creatures in balls, no more than 1/3 of the size of themselves! Battle with your abused animals, as you force them to beat up their only friends left, then steal kids money! Have your abused animals battle, practically have them at the brink of death, then have them healed so they can experience the pain all over again!

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