Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Stitch, is the new addition to our family! She is a adorable little Australian Cattle Dog,
This is where she is right now, after eating, chewing on Blitz's leg, and "going" all over the place. (both meanings)
Of course, we haven't forgotten our puppy dawg Blitz! Blitz is taking it decently well, but is still getting used to Stitch! (Update: Not anymore, as I speak, they are running around wrestling!)

This was last night, in the car on the way home.
                                                                               Look \/ down
At the top of this picture is Stitch as we were going to bed last night, we had our room rigged with card board, and pads, and also some laundry baskets.

Unfortunately, most of these pictures were taken after Stitch had eaten, which is usually when she decides to "go" and then take a nap. We have tried, and this puppy is so hyper when she is awake, its hard to take a picture of her. 
This is only the second day and they already are best buds!

Blitzy is rubbing some of her habits on the new puppy, if you couldn't tell.

These were all the puppies we had to choose from. Top, and I can't remember their names, but the one on the far left is the one we ALMOST got, it was a boy and was pretty much white and blue all over. However, the other 3 were also VERY adorable, but Stitch was our favorite mainly because she didn't mind us holding her, she wasn't afraid and licked us all in the face. :P

(BTW, here is a video of Blitzy and Stitch playing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQ0SRMxi0QQ)
This is the best place to take a nap, right underneath dads recliner, and Blitz is not sure what in the world Stitch is doing! Thanks for reading!

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