Friday, October 9, 2015

Starwars Force Awakens VS Starwars Battlefront

Alright, so since Disney got their hands on Lucas Film, and essentially the Starwars Franchise, they are now coming out with a whole list of new products and movies. The war I'm having with myself, which one am I more happy to see come out?

Starwars Force Awakens
First empression: YAY! New Starwars movie!
Second empression: Uh, wait a second here...
Second thoughts: Awww man... Dont screw it up again!

So, taking into consideration, the last 3 movies that came out sucked story wise, do we REALLY want another 3 coming out?! People make the argument, "Well, George Lucas isn't taking charge this time, so it should be AWESOME!" Yes, but once a story is perfect, you really shouldn't mess with it.
Even with all of that, I am still so VERY excited to see another one of these come out just to see if it turns out good.

Starwars Battlefront
First empression: What in the world?!
Second empression: OH OH OH
Second thoughts: There were none.

So, most everyone into starwars that has a computer, is hyped about this game! The last one was great, but still no space ship battles (I take that back, there are space ship battles, but they are the worst levels), I would like to direct your attention to this link.
Enough said.

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